Understanding the Alternator and When to Replace It

An alternator is shown in closeup at a Cincinnati, OH garage.

Vehicles are incredible and truly amazing machines that are capable of doing so many different things. However, they require quite a large amount of various resources to function correctly. Not only do they require gasoline or diesel to power the engine, but they also need a constant supply of electricity in order to power the […]

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Best Ford Tire Alignment in Cincinnati, OH

A closeup of the tool used for alignments is shown on a wheel.

When it comes to driving ability and responsiveness, one of the most important factors that determines a vehicle’s performance are the tires. Driving on worn-down, flat, or damaged tires can drastically impact not only the vehicle’s handling and responsiveness, but also the fuel economy, costing owners more in the long run. However, the condition of […]

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7 Warning Signs that It’s Time to Change Your Oil

A man is doing an oil chang oil into a funnel for his motor.e and pouring

Picture this: you’re out for a drive, enjoying a gorgeous, sunny spring-time day and relaxing a bit behind the wheel—all the stress of day-to-day life slipping away as you become one with your vehicle. That’s when the grinding begins—a loud, primordial sound that seems like it comes from the dawn of time, ushering in a […]

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